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📣📣📣【Original Leather Accessories🌈(Cdfmall Sanya Duty Free Shop Handbag】🔥🔥This carry-on travel bag is made of recyclable materials and accessories, in order to practice the brand’s consistent commitment to sustainable development. GG Off The Grid is one of the GG Circular Lines series. The original design intention of this product line is to support the brand’s corporate vision of vigorously developing circular production. Adhering to the design concept of environmental protection, GG Off The Grid series makes full use of various recyclable and recyclable products. Sustainably sourced organic, bio-based materials. Regenerated nylon is made from recycled sewing threads and trimmings, featuring the brand’s signature GG motif against a deep black opaque background. Model 658632 Size 47.5×24×24.

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